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MajorWestcott Group, LLC Excellence in recruiting Specializing in legal support staff
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Information For Candidates

We are user-friendly for candidates! When you register with the MajorWestcott Group, LLC you will NOT have to sign an exclusivity agreement, you will NOT have to sign an agreement promising to stay at a position for 90 days (or any amount of time) and you will NOT have to pay back any part of a fee if you should leave. Our fees are paid by our clients, not by you. And our fees are very reasonable; we don't want a high fee to impact your salary when we are negotiating on your behalf.

We are confidential and honest. We will get your permission before we submit your resume and we will give you timely feedback after we submit your resume and after any interviews scheduled for you. In return, we ask that you keep us informed of your status at all times, and to only accept a position through us in good faith. We are proud that most of our placements are long-term and we are win-win for our clients and our candidates.

We strive to make your job search as easy as possible – submit your resume and find out!

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