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MajorWestcott Group, LLC Excellence in recruiting Specializing in legal support staff
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What Can You Expect From Us?

What can you expect from us?

An accurate representation of any candidates submitted for your evaluation. We will not knowingly submit an inflated or inaccurate resume. Also, unless otherwise indicated, we meet all candidates personally and will perform reference checks when the interview process begins. Candidates are tested for spelling, grammar, vocabulary and proofreading proficiency when possible.

Timely follow-up: Your phone calls and e-mail messages will be returned, and on-site visits made to your firm as needed. We do the same with our candidates; our candidates are not left guessing or waiting for responses.

"No Raid" agreement: We do not recruit from our clients. The one exception is if you know there are excesses in a department and have great candidates who might be facing a layoff, then we will gladly work with you to help place them. The only time we will work with one of your current employees is when they contact us either through a referral or by answering one of our ads; in other words when they have put themselves in the "stream of placement".

Confidentiality and discretion: Business information, organizational moves, structure and reporting lines; any information you provide to us will be kept in strictest confidence.

How you can help us do the best job for you: Exact information regarding job orders with periodic updates is extremely helpful. If a job order is no longer valid, please give us a call. Feedback on candidates is also very helpful. Will they be recommended for interviews . . what is their status? We appreciate providing our candidates with timely and “straight up” feedback.

We enjoy many long-term clients. Our best business is our repeat business. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with your firm that is a win-win-win proposition; that is, a win for you, a win for the candidate, and a win for us!

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