Effective competition

Tips for successfully delegating tasks
1. Specify the task and find out the results, not the course. A method that is effective for you should not work for others. You may be doing something a…

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Entrepreneur of the new generation-Andrey Birzhin
With proper education and extensive professional experience, Birzhin A. A. demonstrates impressive achievements in the industry. He notes that only thanks to the close-knit joint work of the Glorax Group…

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What is HR accounting and who can be trusted with it
In any modern firm, of course, there are managers. Any Manager has subordinates. The more of them there are, the more difficult it is to manage and control production processes…

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Advantages of automation at the enterprises of public catering

For a full-fledged operation, any company needs high-quality accounting, so various programs and equipment are used to automate the process and prepare reports. Company owners spend a lot of time automating all processes to minimize the risk of errors and increase productivity.

Thus, the automation of catering enterprises provides many advantages and can be used for work:

Table. Using a special program, you can fully automate the accounting of products sold and purchased in any public catering establishment. Thanks to this accounting, you can completely eliminate the theft of products to unscrupulous personnel and optimize the cost of purchases. Continue reading

How can I earn a living

Our life is arranged so that without money we “go nowhere”. From the simplest needs to the larger ones, all this requires Finance, otherwise we will be deprived of something that we would very much like. So let’s not sit on the couch and dream about a new phone, but just start doing something, but also figure out where we can make money.

Here you can find 2 main options, from which there are many ways. That is, it is a job for someone or a job for yourself. Working for “someone else’s uncle” means something like this: you make up your resume, hang it on various sites, or send it to employers yourself.You are invited to an interview, one of which you pass successfully, and then the same routine begins. It’s the same thing every day. And so life flies by. But there is another option – to come up with your own business that will bring you income and not only. Earning money, it is important to do what you love. Usually, you need to have initial capital to start your own business. Continue reading

The formula for perfect advertising: love and a little creativity

Advertising has become a part of creativity. In order not to get lost in the stream of endless messages, the creators of an advertising message use their imagination, convey complex things in simple categories. The ideal trading engine reaches consciousness instantly, bypassing the consumer’s resistance. Trusted advertising guarantees quick profits, and the best phrases are distributed as popular wisdom. And what are the criteria that affect the quality of the advertising? Continue reading

Your own boss, or how to increase efficiency in your home office

Working remotely has become fashionable not only for mothers on maternity leave. Thoughts about a free schedule are increasingly visited by ordinary office workers. No matter how comfortable the Desk and chair are at work, a simple clerk’s heart goes home. How to change the fate and turn the sofa in the living room into a workplace will learn from our article.

Own master
Before you go to work at home, consider the option of registering a business activity. It will be useful to find a specialist who will help in the accounting of individual entrepreneurs in the USN at first. Continue reading

Comprehensive accounting services from an outsourcing firm-AUDIT-INVEST

Companies that need high-quality accounting services often turn to audit firms, where they can be provided with full accounting services, as well as outsourcing payroll calculations and conducting various types of audits.The most popular audits include:

checking tax and accounting reports;
conducting tax and initiative audits;
review of financial statements; Continue reading

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Swissquote: fraudster or not
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