Effective competition

Full-time recruiter or Agency - what should I prefer?
Many companies sooner or later face a problem related to the selection of qualified personnel. This is especially true in the it sector, where the demand for experienced employees significantly…

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Swissquote: fraudster or not
It is part of the largest holding company Swissquote Group Holding Ltd, which holds a leading position in the financial and trading services industry in Europe. The brokerage organization started…

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Difficulties in hiring it professionals
As in any other industry, recruiting has a number of its own difficulties that have to be solved as they arrive. One of the most common among them is the…

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Web application development – for profit and growth in the market

Ukraine has a difficult economic situation that is constantly changing. Why does modern business in Kiev need to develop web applications? It is obvious that without modern and efficient SOFTWARE, no company can succeed in a volatile market.

Benefits of developing web applications
If the company plans to stay in the market for the next few years, then you need to be fully prepared. For business, a modern website or app is a real Klondike. First of all, you need to pay attention to launching a site or optimizing an existing resource. Continue reading

1C update: tools and methods

Competent construction of a set of programs implies that the method of updating them will be based on a standardized and as simple as possible procedure. That is, use technologies for automatic installation of new additional products, patches, and future versions of programs from the interfaces of programs already installed. An alternative is an update installation file that the client receives by mail or sends out in some other way. 1C update meets these criteria.

Update techniques
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Rent apartments with the help of a real estate Agency

Many young people dream of buying an apartment for themselves, especially for those who have already created their own family, and who really want to get a taste of freedom as soon as possible and not share the territory with their parents.

But what about when there is no money to buy a home, and there are no opportunities to take a loan?
In this case, you can rent an apartment – read here. And then after you will be able to accumulate the necessary capital to buy their own home. Once you have set certain goals and objectives, you can start looking for a rental apartment. In order not to waste a lot of time and effort on such searches and selection of options, it is best to ask for help from a real estate Agency. Continue reading

Entrepreneur of the new generation-Andrey Birzhin

With proper education and extensive professional experience, Birzhin A. A. demonstrates impressive achievements in the industry. He notes that only thanks to the close-knit joint work of the Glorax Group team, the achievements that The company has managed to achieve in the few years since its Foundation have become possible. We would like to pay special attention to the priority direction Of the group – the company Glorax Development.

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What is HR accounting and who can be trusted with it

In any modern firm, of course, there are managers. Any Manager has subordinates. The more of them there are, the more difficult it is to manage and control production processes in the entire team. This saves personnel accounting, as with a competent approach, it is a reliable tool for monitoring and managing the business.

Having the necessary statistical data in the company’s labor database in comparison with the previous ones, the Manager can make changes in the goals themselves, as well as in the tasks of the enterprise. Continue reading

Effective competition: new methods
The twenty-first century is a time not only of high technology, but also of the highest competition in history. As President Putin said: we all compete with each other -…


Access control to improve enterprise performance
In our time, it is difficult to call the life of modern people calm. Now the desire to be protected is very justified. Unfortunately, not always armored doors, combination locks…


Difficulties in hiring it professionals
As in any other industry, recruiting has a number of its own difficulties that have to be solved as they arrive. One of the most common among them is the…


Tips for successfully delegating tasks
1. Specify the task and find out the results, not the course. A method that is effective for you should not work for others. You may be doing something a…