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Industrial safety expertise

For many companies to avoid accidents at work and to assure potential customers of the quality of services and products provided, and to prevent accidents, it is necessary to obtain a number of documents and certificates. In the case of scheduled and unscheduled inspections, such documentation is viewed first.

To spend time visiting all instances on your own, losing valuable time, it is much easier to ask for help from professionals in their field – the company Uralregiontest, which allows you to check the company and get them the appropriate permits. This is a stable and reliable partner that can reduce the waiting time for ready-made documents that guarantee the safety of the client’s activities (organization or enterprise).

When it is necessary to pass an expert assessment of industrial safety
The “industrial safety expertise” procedure is necessary for objects that are engaged in production activities, after major repairs or other types of modernization, introduction of innovative technologies, complete liquidation or preservation of the enterprise.

Experts from Uralregiontest LLC will promptly carry out all the necessary work:

– check all structures;

– conduct an inspection for the serviceability of the client’s enterprise equipment;

– check the compliance of the inspected object with safety standards;

– calculate the probability of occurrence of emergency situations in the company;

– identify the readiness of the structural unit for emergency situations (their rapid elimination).

To order the service of industrial safety expertise from the company Uralregiontest, it is enough to submit an electronic application via the website or call the appropriate phone number for consultation (the phone can also be spied on the link).

What objects are subject to industrial safety expertise
Verification is required by companies that are engaged in industry activities:

– mining and coal industry;

– chemical plants, enterprises that are engaged in oil refining, petrochemical activities;

– the oil and gas industry;

– explosive and gas-hazardous objects;

Mandatory inspection and receipt of the relevant documents require mechanisms for the lifting force and the like, the equipment that you have installed the boiler.

The company’s experts are the best in their field. Their activities are fully subject to the legislation of the Russian Federation (Rostekhnadzor order No. 538). After a thorough inspection and other checks, which is required by the procedure of legislation, the results are issued in the form of a conclusion that has a state serial number.

Industrial safety expertise
For many companies to avoid accidents at work and to assure potential customers of the quality of services and products provided, and to prevent accidents, it is necessary to obtain…


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