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Switching from 1C 7.7 to 8

1C software products are constantly being developed to help its users effectively solve business accounting and management tasks. Your business has grown and you lack improved functionality? An experienced 1C programmer in Lviv will help you update your program and upgrade to a newer version.

Differences between version 8 and 7.7
The current version of 1C 8 differs significantly from previous versions:

– a new unified platform model has been created that affects the speed of development and configuration development;

– incomparably high scalability of application solutions (when data is accumulated, solutions based on 7.7 begin to ” slow down»);

– adding new configuration objects and flexible report configuration options;

– keeping records of several organizations in one information base;

– work in the “cloud”: allows you to save money on buying software and licenses, makes it possible to work with the database remotely.

– work on mobile devices: the new 1C platforms are configured to work with mobile devices, including keeping in touch even when the Internet is slow. So, work with 1C is possible via a tablet or smartphone via a GPRS connection.

– ability to plan the preparation of reports and payment of taxes, and more.

Version 1C 8 not only improves performance, but also can better protect data, thanks to the rapid update of the hardware protection driver, which is superior to the older version.

Version 7.7 was created for the Windows 95 and higher operating system, so it can run on the most popular operating systems. But it does not always fully use the capabilities of modern operating systems and computers, unlike the 8th version.

The data structures in the versions being compared are very different. If the client used standard configurations, the transition will be convenient and fast. But if the 1C platform was created “for itself”, then there are some difficulties. In such cases, you should use the services of specialists. Consulting company “IT Consulting” will help you quickly and efficiently transfer data from the original database to the new database version from 1C 7.7 to 1C 8.2. or 8.3.

How will switching to version 8 help your business
The new improved version of 1C will have a positive impact on your business. This version took into account all the wishes and comments of users of version 7.7. that have accumulated over many years of operation.

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