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Real techniques for increasing sales in a beauty salon

Best ways to increase sales in a beauty salon
Many Directors and owners of beauty salons, regardless of sales experience, years spent in the market of the cosmetology industry, and other business skills, can not give an accurate answer to the question: “how to sell more to customers.” Most do not even want to take up active sales of this kind, arguing that it is too aggressive business management that can “annoy” organizations. And the staff is not interested in such a trade, for reasons of low motivation. We asked a well-known business consultant in the field of sales management, Spartak Sergeyevich Andrieshin, owner of the Moscow Academy of Sales consulting company, to tell us his expert opinion.

Reasons for the drop in sales at the beauty salon
The question :” how to increase sales in a beauty salon” is the last one that employees who work for hire ask themselves. After all, employees have their own excuses in this regard: “there is no desire”, “I do not care about it”, “I do not know how”, “I am afraid to offer a visitor” , etc.
As a result, no one owns the situation with the volume of sales. If there are no active sales,then there is no result. In this article, based on the skills and experience in running and consulting cosmetic and beauty businesses, I would like to tell you proven ways to increase sales of beauty services and cosmetics in a beauty salon.I will also tell you about creating a cross-sales management system.

How to increase sales in a beauty salon
There are two types of cross sales:
* external (for successful trading, several companies create a Union);
* internal (sales in addition to the product already purchased by the consumer (additional options and services, special offers, etc.)).
There are three existing techniques that can be analyzed to understand how to effectively sell beauty salon services:

Cross-selling in a beauty salon(cross-selling)

Cross-sales. As an example:

· the provision of any services + in-home care;

* Spa treatments or Spa treatments with massage;

* manicure + pedicure.

* production of cosmetic works with a combination of several methods of different directions, such as cosmetic treatment of the skin after sugaring.

Upsales. (Offer to the visitor of a beauty salon to purchase a more expensive procedure).

* repainting using a more expensive paint, as opposed to the one that the visitor initially chose;

* luxury manicure instead of the usual one;

· more expensive face mask, which gives additional advantages over the usual one.

Over-sales(four offers for the cost of three, three for the price of two, and so on).

* cosmetic work to get rid of wrinkles + facial massage + getting rid of black dots + free, moisturizing face mask as a gift, instead of just three services.

Ultimately, the question arises whether cross-selling is necessary and whether it is worth spending time learning sales techniques at beauty specialists ‘ training sessions. Answer: Absolutely. For many years of conducting trainings and training specialists of beauty salons, I have found out for myself and clients that competent investments in the knowledge of employees contribute to:

· profit growth;

* reducing the cost of displaying new offers or products;

* reduce advertising costs and increase the potential customer base;

* increasing the range of products;

* increasing the client’s confidence in the organization;

· with the external type of cross-selling, there is a greater involvement of potential customers in the organization.

Despite this number of advantages, many beauty salon managers refuse to introduce cross-selling. So while the Manager of the organization will not show interest in a number of issues, such as: “How to create cross – sales in the salon?”; “How to sell more to beauty salon specialists?”; “How to involve the staff in the work?”the business will not have really large revenues and rapid growth.

Who is responsible for the development of sales of beauty services and cosmetics in the beauty salon
The Manager is responsible for the work of the entire team and for controlling the sales development strategy.

However, most managers want to see miracle specialists in their ranks who will take full responsibility for increasing sales into their own hands. This doesn’t happen. Often. if the Manager does not set specific sales goals and does not show specific schemes for how to sell services and products in larger quantities, employees simply will not offer the client at all until he asks the question.

In addition, there are often cases when projects and ideas that have been started are not brought to the final stage by the Manager, or are not implemented in a well-established sales system. Then employees of any business and enterprise begin to react negatively or without due enthusiasm to new introductions, obviously assuming that this or that idea is doomed to failure and will not be controlled. If we talk about the increase in sales in the salon, it looks something like this:

* an organizational meeting of all employees is created, where the Manager speaks about the need for large sales, not only for individual services, but also for all salon services;
· it is possible that a specific business plan is being created;
· it is possible to organize a mini-training on their own for employees of the beauty salon;
· there is a short-term shift of Affairs from the “dead point”, an increase in sales growth;
· after a short period of time, everything returns to its original state.

Thus, it turns out that the more projects the Manager has abandoned, the less promising each subsequent innovation will be.

How to build a sales system for additional products and services in a beauty salon
The following are the sequential steps for organizing a sales system in the salon:

* Step 1. Make a decision about the need to implement cross-selling.

It is necessary to set a monetary goal, analyze the current state of Affairs, draw up a plan of action for changing the established system and start its implementation by the entire team under the clear leadership of the Manager.

* Step 2. Working with an assortment portfolio.

The basis of any business is an assortment profile of services and products in the beauty sphere, which is formed based on the needs of the target audience of a particular organization and the motives of customers ‘ purchases. Remember an important point, consumers are not interested in what equipment this or that service is performed on. They care about the result. Based on this, you should create a price list of the company. Less “intellectual” words in the names of the services more enjoyable and motivational to acquire service points.

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