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Advantages of automation at the enterprises of public catering
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How to get a beauty salon client interested in buying and spending more money

In order to create products and services that are in demand on the market, as well as choose the right names for them, you should:

· Observe trends and trends
What services appear in the masses? Their success? Innovations and increased demand from people for certain services?
* Read the instructions for the equipment used (they hide a lot of expensive information for marketing). Also, you need to use your equipment at 100%, and for this you need to know all the functions of the equipment used.Working with an assortment profile consists of the following actions:
1. Analysis of the salon’s product portfolio
– in the direction;
– inside the direction;
– at the price;
– by season;
– by supplier;
– by leftovers.
2. Creating new programs, services, and special offers.
3. Creating a brand for the programs and services of the beauty salon.

* Step 3. Conduct sales so that customers are satisfied.

Consumers are waiting for your service:
1. Clear services and high quality offers;
2. Recommendations, instead of imposing a service or product;
3. Professionalism of specialists in this field. In other words, competence in matters of beauty and health of your employees;
4. Individual approach to each client;
5. Friendly atmosphere at all stages of working with the client;

The implementation of the third step is as follows:

* You need to understand whether customers are waiting for competent help from the service staff.
* You should include recommendations in the customer experience process.

* Step 4. Facilitate cross-selling of goods and services to staff.

1. Recommendation is an integral part of salon services;
2. Merchandising;
3. Individual offers;
4. Bonus or promo code for the first procedure;
5. The performance of specialists with master-classes;
6. Free consultation of clients;
7. Information support of activities, advertising.

To implement the fourth step, you should work through the customer base, analyze your favorite services and create personal offers.

* Step 5. Make masters learn basic services and products (and not only their own, but also others’).
In order to accomplish this, it is possible to attract suppliers. They can be required to compile detailed information on all the equipment produced, as well as design individual checklists so that you can check the competence of your staff.

The fifth step can be performed by following the following steps:
1. Develop concise and compact information for each product (problem-product-advantages-price);
2. Conduct masterclasses on knowledge of the entire salon’s services;
3. Print information about services and promotions to each employee of the organization.

Step 6. Create and constantly improve the organization’s employee work model. You can conduct appropriate corporate business training for employees of the beauty salon at the link.

For the implementation of the sixth step can be carried out the following actions:
1. To hold meetings-workshops;
2. Think about financial and non-financial motivation for employees of the organization.

When developing the sixth step, you also need to answer a number of the following questions for yourself:
1. Speed of customers ‘ purchasing decisions;
2. What influences this?
3. How do employees determine what is preferable for each client?
4. What experience should I pay more attention to?
5. And what kind of experience should I avoid?
6. What plays a key role for customers during sales? (the brand of the product, its composition, impact or chemical characteristics?)
* Step 7. Create a business plan for the development of sales of specific services and products.
* Step 8. Control and analysis of sales volume development

The Manager must control all used sales scripts and presentation techniques for products and services of beauty salon employees. The main thing to remember is that if you let the situation take its course, nothing good will come of it at all.

How to start increasing sales in a beauty salon
And what to do at the moment? First, you need to decide whether cross-selling is necessary in your beauty salon? If Yes, you should optimize the product profile, generate sales based on what customers expect from the service, and order a business training for beauty salon staff on sales techniques without imposing.

Oblige employees to learn all the services provided by the company, form employee behavior patterns, set clear goals and do everything to achieve them. In order to order training for employees of the beauty salon, go to the website of the Moscow Academy of Sales, leave a request or call by phone. Our specialists will select the optimal training program for administrators, specialists and managers of your beauty salon.

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