What is online checkout
Unlike classic cash registers, modern models have built-in special drives that can be used to save data from recent transactions. Thanks to special programs, all collected reports are sent to…

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Top 10 best San Diego Appliance repair appliancerepair-sd.com.
How to choose a hostel for workers in St. Petersburg?
St. Petersburg is a Federal city where new facilities are constantly being built: residential complexes, public and social buildings, major roads, interchanges, concert halls and stadiums. The construction of Russia's…

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How to open a solid institution
A company that values every customer and wants satisfied customers to become the norm of life. Such a company should differ favorably in its image from competing companies. Only a…

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Difficulties in hiring it professionals

As in any other industry, recruiting has a number of its own difficulties that have to be solved as they arrive. One of the most common among them is the need for certain basic technical knowledge from recruiters who conduct interviews with applicants. A regular resume or questionnaire in such cases is often not enough, so often a full-time specialist of the appropriate profile is involved in the interview, which will help determine the level of knowledge of the candidate.

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Switching from 1C 7.7 to 8

1C software products are constantly being developed to help its users effectively solve business accounting and management tasks. Your business has grown and you lack improved functionality? An experienced 1C programmer in Lviv will help you update your program and upgrade to a newer version.

Differences between version 8 and 7.7
The current version of 1C 8 differs significantly from previous versions:

– a new unified platform model has been created that affects the speed of development and configuration development;

– incomparably high scalability of application solutions (when data is accumulated, solutions based on 7.7 begin to ” slow down»); Continue reading

Registration of companies in Hong Kong from Bridges Wealth Management Solutions

The tightening of tax control leads to the fact that many businessmen are trying to open a company in such offshore zones as Hong Kong and Singapore. Offshore experts recommend contacting Bridges Wealth Management Solutions, which offers various types of services for doing business in tax-free zones.

This company helps business partners:

form personal types of trusts or business trust management;
open a company through offshore zones;
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How to create a website yourself or why order it for business?
The software helps to automate the process of doing business on any subject, and also increases the efficiency of contact with customers, which in turn brings significant dividends. Many companies…


Rent apartments with the help of a real estate Agency
Many young people dream of buying an apartment for themselves, especially for those who have already created their own family, and who really want to get a taste of freedom…


Your own boss, or how to increase efficiency in your home office
Working remotely has become fashionable not only for mothers on maternity leave. Thoughts about a free schedule are increasingly visited by ordinary office workers. No matter how comfortable the Desk…


Training of interpersonal communication
How to turn work into pleasure? To do this, you should go through business communication trainings, where you will be explained how to master the skills of communication and interpersonal…