Comprehensive business support
In a constantly developing economy, the key task of each company is to introduce new ideas and technologies. To be a competitive company, you need to constantly monitor the market,…

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Access control to improve enterprise performance
In our time, it is difficult to call the life of modern people calm. Now the desire to be protected is very justified. Unfortunately, not always armored doors, combination locks…

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Reliable cooperation with the company "Leecarter»
Complete order in the financial statements of any company is the peace of mind of the management and all its staff. All Directors of various companies and organizations need to…

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Switching from 1C 7.7 to 8

1C software products are constantly being developed to help its users effectively solve business accounting and management tasks. Your business has grown and you lack improved functionality? An experienced 1C programmer in Lviv will help you update your program and upgrade to a newer version.

Differences between version 8 and 7.7
The current version of 1C 8 differs significantly from previous versions:

– a new unified platform model has been created that affects the speed of development and configuration development;

– incomparably high scalability of application solutions (when data is accumulated, solutions based on 7.7 begin to ” slow down»); Continue reading

Registration of companies in Hong Kong from Bridges Wealth Management Solutions

The tightening of tax control leads to the fact that many businessmen are trying to open a company in such offshore zones as Hong Kong and Singapore. Offshore experts recommend contacting Bridges Wealth Management Solutions, which offers various types of services for doing business in tax-free zones.

This company helps business partners:

form personal types of trusts or business trust management;
open a company through offshore zones;
to manage the assets; Continue reading

Advantages of online cash registers for entrepreneurs

The desire of state authorities to exercise more control over small retail businesses has led to major changes in their work. The desire of the Federal tax service to receive full information from entrepreneurs about all services rendered and purchases, regardless of what type of activity the businessman conducts (what scale he has), also made itself felt.

The main discontent for businessmen was the demand to update the fiscal equipment. However, the use of online ticket offices has also provided many significant benefits that simplify the work. Continue reading

What is HR accounting and who can be trusted with it
In any modern firm, of course, there are managers. Any Manager has subordinates. The more of them there are, the more difficult it is to manage and control production processes…


Industrial safety expertise
For many companies to avoid accidents at work and to assure potential customers of the quality of services and products provided, and to prevent accidents, it is necessary to obtain…


Comprehensive accounting services from an outsourcing firm-AUDIT-INVEST
Companies that need high-quality accounting services often turn to audit firms, where they can be provided with full accounting services, as well as outsourcing payroll calculations and conducting various types…


How can I earn a living
Our life is arranged so that without money we "go nowhere". From the simplest needs to the larger ones, all this requires Finance, otherwise we will be deprived of something…